Woodblock print artist

Born in Tokyo
Graduate of Musashino Art University (Junior College)
Completed a course at Sannohe Printart Studio, Aomori Japan

Since 1997, she has concentrated on developing her activities in magazines and advertising.


2001 Solo exhibition produced by Yasushi Fujimoto "build up" gallery ROCKET
2001 NADiff modern "Shoes, hats, chairs"
2001 ILLUMS Ikebukuro "Alvar Aalto – World of Chairs"
(Joint exhibition of Aalto's chairs and Yuki Koida's prints.)
2002 ILLUMS Ikebukuro "Alvar Aalto – World of Chairs II)"
2002 ILLUMS Ikebukuro "Yuki Koida – Exhibition of Christmas Prints"
2002 NADiff modern "THE PIECES OF GRIMM From Grimm's Fairy tales"
2003 ILLUMS Ikebukuro "happiness! – Exhibition of Christmas Prints II"
2004 ILLUMS Ikebukuro "SCANDINAVIA FAN! – Exhibition of Christmas Prints III"
2005 ILLUMS Ikebukuro "CHARMING! from north wood – Exhibition of Christmas Prints IV"
2005 NADiff modern "Yuki Koida wood PRINTS 2005"
2006 ILLUMS Umeda / Scandinavian Interiors by ILLUMS Kanazawa
"New Spring Collection Exhibition"
2006 ILLUMS Marunouchi "Fly in HELSINKI"
2006 ILLUMS Ikebukuro / ILLUMS Marunouchi / ILLUMS Umeda
"Coffee & Light Denmark - Exhibition of Christmas Prints V"


  • 「VOGUE NIPPON」Conde Naste Publications Japan
  • 「FIGARO japon」Hankyu Publications
  • 「Invitation」「Colorful」Pia
  • 「Chuo Koron」Chuo Koron Shinsha
  • 「Hatoyama Miyuki Have a nice time !」「élan」Fusosha
  • Taiyo Special Issue「The Container Stylebook」Heibonsha
  • magplus「jewelry&watch」Magazine House
  • 「WINDS」JAL In-flight magazine
  • 「21Seiki wo Sumu」Diners Club Members' Magazine
  • 「Chiruchinbito」Fudosha
  • Yuki's work has also been used by many other magazines.

BANANA REPUBLIC (Gap Japan K.K.) — 2006 Spring Summer Collection: Works supplied for in-store displays
congés payés ADIEU TRISTESSE (BIGI CO.,LTD.) — Commissioned to create fabric from 2007.

At ILLUMS, Yuki has also provided many prints with a Scandinavian theme for use in collections of calendars & novelty goods etc.